1920's traditional with a twist. | Skillshare Projects

1920's traditional with a twist.

Worked on this makeup because I LOVE the 20s. When I was all finished I set up my camera and too a couple selfieloved must have taken 50 pictures - jumping up, looking at the image then sitting back down and making any changes I needed. I shot in my garage and could see my reflection in my car window so I used that for posing. 

I naturally have a kind of bee-stung lip and wanted to use that to my advantage in creating this look. So, I lined my cupid's bow a little pointier and selected a deep lip. I rounded my brows but didn't lengthen them too much. For me, I thought the rounder shape not the longer line accentuated my face better. I used smokey colors to build my eye, focusing the concentrate in my inner corners and really creating a rounded eye shape for authenticity. To wanted a look that was clearly 20s but I could wear everyda.  


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