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1920s Muted & 1920s Neon

Muted 1920s

I really like the idea of turning the 1920s into a wearable look without it seeming too much like it's part of a costume.

The pictures are a bit brighter than real life, but I still feel like this look could work for both day and night for me. 

For this look, I followed the palette, but I'm thinking about playing around with this look with some different colors (neons?). I'll be sure to share that within the next few days. 

I'm looking forward to any critique! 


1920s Neon 

*I'm waiting for the non iPhone camera to return so I can show you a better idea of how it turned out with some bright oranges and pinks.*

I followed the same technique, but I used a light blue for my base and layered oranges (lightest to brightest) on the outside and inner part of my eyes. I had nude lips, but then I tried a dark ruby. I felt it was a bit much, so I took it off. My lips were tinted still after the makeup remover, but I kind of like the tinted color with the eyes. More subtle. 

If the makeup doesn't melt off before I get my hands on the camera, I'll be sure to post more pictures. :) 

In the meantime, I'd love to hear what you think or if you have any suggestions, I'd really appreciate them! 


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