1920's Motorcycle Shop

1920's Motorcycle Shop - student project




Update 4-26....some new ideas




1920's Motorcycle Shop - image 1 - student project



shirt front



1920's Motorcycle Shop - image 2 - student project







sorry for my spelling, I have limted time

Hi my name is John,

I have looked around and been blown away by all the great artist in this class!...I have never heard of Johnny cupcakes and someone posted a link on my facebook because they know I want to learn Illustrator, i saw the teachers ( chris delorenzo) art and was blown away! i went to his site and knew he was off the charts talented!


I can use photoshop at a basic level, but I can't figure out Illustrator...it certainly is not like PS!...I wish both programs were combined somehow?


anyways, i started another skill share class (on learning Logo design) and made up a Fake company for fun

"Red Dog Motors"

so i will make a cool t shirt with the same Ideas, But not the same logo, i will do something new


here is the logo below  i did for that class ( forgive me on the details, i cant get stuff to line up and bending the bottom part was confusing!)

and this is my Fantasy motorcycle shop for some inspiration ( it was an Indian dealer from 1920's, I photoshped it, i think the windows look boss!) almost real.

1920's Motorcycle Shop - image 3 - student project


1920's Motorcycle Shop - image 4 - student project




1920's Motorcycle Shop - image 5 - student project