1903 Beeston Humber

1903 Beeston Humber - student project

I got to spend a day last week photographing some vintage vehicles and thought I'd try some different edits with this 1903 Beeston Humber.  

The first image is the dark and moody edit.  It's not something I've ever tried before but got the most votes in a quick poll of my friends.  I'll be trying this style more often.


The next image is the orange and teal edit.  It came second in the poll of my friends.

1903 Beeston Humber - image 1 - student project


The third image is the vintage edit.  I thought this would be the winner in my poll of friends but no one went for it.  Maybe it was too obvious, or maybe I just didn't nail it.  

1903 Beeston Humber - image 2 - student project


The final is the original image.  What was that about a level horizon?

1903 Beeston Humber - image 3 - student project


Great way to spend a cold winter's afternoon!