17/05/22 - My Understanding of Mindfulness

17/05/22 - My Understanding of Mindfulness - student project

My understanding of my mindfulness is when you are able to completely focus on a current task and environment. You understand everything that's going on but it does not detract you from your goals or objectives. You're at your most present when you're mindful. In terms of my experiences of mindfulness, I'm not sure. When I used to play rugby I would enter a flow like state where things would just come off. I did not have to think about it my style of play or try hard, but would be able to do things with ease. I feel as I would have had to have been mindful in some sense to achieve this state. I've now realised that it is not bad for your mind to wander and a huge part of mindfulness is returning to the present moment and releasing that you were in an unmindful state.