15 identities about you & 40 things that only that identity would und

15 identities about you & 40 things that only that identity would und - student project

15 identities that are true to you

1- I'm an American born Puerto Rican
2- I live in Puerto Rico
3- Very passionate
4- Kind neighbor
5- Delicate marshmallow of feelings
6- Female
7- Curly haired girl
8- Struggling artist
9- Watches way too much YouTube.
10- Creative
11- Like to crochet
12- I pretend to like tea without sugar but it tastes bad.
13- I'm young but i feel like a grandma.
14- Bilingual
15- Would rather crawl in a hole than go to a party where i don't know anyone.


pick one identity write 40 things that only that identity would understand

Identity: tea drinker

1- I just drink it to look fancy half the time
2- tea without sugar tastes like bitter grass cuttings
3- why do people put milk in their tea? It takes away the leafy flavor. Aren't you looking for the leafy flavor?
4- I make tea to "calm down" but all I do is wait in anxiety until it cools down.
5- I microwave the water, I have no time to bring out a tea pot and boil water.
6- I will spend more on the tea box with the pretty pictures because the pretty pictures will some how make the tea taste better.
7- When I dip my tea bag in the hot water i do this 6 more times to make sure the flavor gets out of the bag.
8- I have no idea what I'm doing when making tea.
9- I just leave the tea bag in the water until the tea basically bag begs for me to take it out, just floating there hopeless.
10- Someone told me tea was healthy so I can skip the gym some times right?
11- I'm pretty sure a hardcore tea drinker would side eye my way of making tea.
12- Sometimes I make tea into ice cubes and use it to cool my face. Its supposed to be for beauty, i read it in a magazine once... I think.
13- I'm so not cool if you give me a baggy of loose leaf tea and told me it was marijuana I'd believe you.
14- Tea has caffeine but its so low does it even count? I need to wake up here.
15- Those blooming flower teas make you look like a magician when you prepare it.
16- 40% of the time i forget i made tea.
17- 30% of the time I'm looking for the tea I just made.
18- 10% of the time I'm actually drinking the tea I made.
19- 20% I find the cup of tea the day after I made it.
20- Most of the time I'm burning my tongue off because I want to drink the tea now not in 5 more minuets.
21- After I'm burned by the tea i feel betrayed buy my own cup of tea.
22- Sometimes i dip my tongue in the tea to test the temperature, you know like dipping your toe in a pool.
23- I have have dipped my tongue in hot tea multiple times thinking, ok now its not hot.
24- When people ask me what type of tea I like I don't know what to answer, ...the one in my cup I guess...
25- I live in the tropics and drinking hot tea makes me feel like I'm sitting in the sauna. I just get so sweaty.
26- I try to act healthy only putting 1 spoon of sugar in my tea.
27- When no one is looking I put in 5 more spoonfuls of sugar.
28- If there are tea bags at an event i just hoard as many as I can in my pocket and hope no one notices.
29- Ok, then i feel bad and put them back.
30- But then take 4 for the road. (i came to your obligatory event, I have to get something out of it!)
31- I didn't own a loose leaf tea holder for the longest time.
32- When making loose leaf tea I just try not to not drink the leaves floating at the middle/bottom of the cup.
33- That never works and you end up drinking tea and having a little leafy snack too.
34- Fruit tea is still tea to me.
35- The triangular tea bags are more fancy than the square ones.
36- You have to know exactly the right amount of time to dip a cookie in tea before it turns to moosh.
37- When you have a cup of mooshy tea you might as well throw it away.
38- Sometimes I'll make cold tea in the summer.
39- Sweet tea will give you instant diabetes but it tastes good.
40- Don't say sweet tea tastes bad because the sweet tea council will get you.