15 days boards

15 days boards - student project

Since I started skating I liked to desing, paint and customize my boards. One day thinking about a name for my own brand I remembered my first board, hanging on my wall, I used it just 15 days, because it was drove over a car, so I thougth that was a nice name "15 days boards".

I did this logo looking for a tattoo style to use pyrography technique on the boards. Here you can see how it looks.

15 days boards - image 1 - student project

15 days boards - image 2 - student project

I hope you like it.

Hi there!

I upload how I'm going with the proyect. Just a few sketches with shapes for the label. Because of old school boards and longboards are related with surfing I'mworking with the shape of a board, the tail or a keel. I will update with more sketches.


15 days boards - image 3 - student project

New update!

I think I'm going to use this shape for the label. Here you can see an sketch for the front side and the back side. In the back i'm going to add some information about each board (thinking there will be more than one). Feedback will be great!

15 days boards - image 4 - student project


Here is a new design for the label, I think it's less rigid. I', also thinking about adding a bit of colour, maybe just in the flowers.15 days boards - image 5 - student project

I have choosen the paper i'm going to use, it looks like wood. I will update more photos soon ;)