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15 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Any Web Designer/Developer

Hello Skillshare community!

My name is Filip and this is my very first class on Skillshare (I've been a teacher to numerous other platforms) but this is my first time I'm teaching on Skillshare because I really just LOVE the community!

I hope you'll go easy on me as I'm a total beginner when it comes to Skillshare tactics and community! 

As a welcoming class, I've decided to target the web developers, designers and graphic designers. Being a web developer myself, I feel the need to meet my clients' needs and help them speed up their workflow.

Which is the EXACT reason why I've created ---

''15 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Any Web Designer/Developer''

The class is almost complete and I'm in the final stages of production! I've joined this class and created this project because I want to be a part of the community and complete the October Teach Challenge!

I'm using these extensions (or add-ons) on daily basis and they help me speed up my workflow by huge amounts. So I thought, why not share them with the world?!


For that matter, I've created my CLASS OUTLINE which can be found here:


My cover (promo image) will be the very same image I put on this project.


My INTRO VIDEO is also up and running on YouTube as a unlisted video, so everyone who has a link can view it. So, here it is:


*** Any kind of feedback and discussion will be very much appreciated and I will read every each on of you who will take a few minutes to check out my work.***

Sincere regards,
Filip Kordanovski


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