15 Identities of L.F.J.

15 Identities of L.F.J. - student project

15 Identities of L.F.J. - image 1 - student project


The next exercise was super challenging, but I loved it!


40 Things That an Extroverted Introvert Would Understand:
1. We are a good combination of Extroverted traits (quick and agile), with Introverted ones (deliberate and methodical).
2. Some folks think we are being sneaky, but we actually are “quietly doing the right thing.”
3. “It’s always the Quiet Ones” ...not always  ::wink wink::
4. Contrary to popular belief, it is not about decibels, but data discovery #themoreyouknow.
5. In other words: if I ask you to stop talking, it is because *I am actually processing what is going on * - our intent is not to be rude, so don’t take it personally.
6. We are not frowning/upset/resting B face - revert to #5.
7.  Go ahead, BE LOUD, IT CAN BE GOOD!
8. Don’t believe #7 and want to see me completely out of my shell as well? Hold my beer...
9. Attention? Who doesn’t like some...we just don’t need to be the center of it.
10. Why bother speaking the same thing everyone else is? Wait until your remark is both sincere and profound.
11  Raised Eyebrow = can you feel the words that are not coming out of my mouth?
12. Showing is also just as telling.
13.  “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is pretty biographical for most of us.
14. We might be able to demonstrate to the world that it is possible to be, “an island onto     yourself”.
15. “Life’s Little Instruction Book” - we love it.
16. Similar to the point above, Life should be like IKEA furniture: concisely packed, with easy to follow directions in picture format, and when assistance is needed, I will call.
17. At times, your presence is the best present: all we need and want is to just be near you.
18. Life is all about balance: we truly do enjoy a good PAR-TAY!
19. When we do have others people around, as opposed to small talk, we want to participate in some sort of activity: charades, anyone?
20. And yet, we can also just stand around AND have a good time. #itscomplicated.
21. The realm of Social Media provides the right mix of engagement with others and solitude.
22. Is there a chance that it can it be communicated (instead) with a smiley face, heart, or unicorn poop emoji?
23. When the struggle is real and we need to “Say” something, we may default to playing a John Mayer song.
24. Speaking of songs, Pink wrote one about us - it’s called “Perfect.”
25. Extroverted Introverts can see both the seriousness yet serious amusement of a situation.
26. When you are soliciting my opinion, and I respond with, “are you sure?”: take it like the flashing sign you see on the highway that states, “Last Exit Before Toll Road”.
27 We have laser focus and precision that is unparalleled.
28. Here is #27 in action:
       You: “Where’s...”
       Me: “I found him right there!”
       You: “Waldo?”
29. We are also like the “Spotters” you find in NASCAR: we watch out for you and let you know    when it’s about to get real, so you can avoid trouble and enjoy victory.
30. Go ahead, call us “Average Joes” - just wait until you play against us in Dodge Ball!
31. We mean business when it comes to friendship: a friend is a friend for life.
32. In relation to the point above: always getting by with a little help from our closest, most cherished friends.
33. We are loyal and supportive - we won’t let you swim alone.
34. Some words of wisdom we tend to live by: “It is not about finding yourself, but more about creating oneself.”
35. Want to have a philosophical debate about #34?  Hmmm...you got 4 minutes to talk, but then I am going to just “start somewhere” - after that, submit the remaining argument in a five paragraph essay.
36. Whether we are making some with wands for kids to play with, or wishing we were in one of our own (for a moment), bubbles are awesome.
37. We can give excellent speeches in front of a crowd, yet we can get more anxious when having a personal conversation with another individual.
38. Another possible extroverted introvert: MacGyver.
39. Remember that one group project in school that you thought you failed, but somehow got an "A" on? Yeah, you're welcome.
40. Our Overall Motto: "It is not about the noise you make; its the love and encouragement you give that make your life matter." - Unknown.

Lisa Franks-Jansson
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