14er Brewing Co

14er Brewing Co - student project

More Designs

Based off some recent feedback, I threw together some options foranother concept from my original sketches. Going to finesse both this designa ndthe design from the first round, do some of Evan's texture techniques and then wrap it up. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

14er Brewing Co - image 1 - student project

First Round Design

Well thanks to everyone who gave some good feedback after my first sketches. I decided to go with the "shield" looking logo (the second on the bott right). So far I've nailed down my basic shapes and structure. I'm least happy with the triangle below "brewing" and the wood texture. I may rework the type treatment for "14er" and "brewing" as well.

Any suggestions that may help me get closer to a fluid design, are definitely appreciated!

14er Brewing Co - image 2 - student project

Initial Sketches

A buddy of mine is big into home brewing and bottling. I have always wanted to brand a beer company, so what better way than with a friend's brew. One of my friend's current life goal is to reach the summit of every 14er (14,000 foot tall mountain) in the entire state of Colorado. So we decided to brand his beer under the name 14er Brewing Co. These initial sketches capture some of the ideas we felt were key elements in the personality of the brand.

Not leaning toward any partiuclar direction thus far, so any feedback will help me that much more.

14er Brewing Co - image 3 - student project

Shane Harris