14 watercolor workouts

14 watercolor workouts - student project

Day one:

Here and now.
I'm super new to watercolor and I don't hate my door but I don't love it. I did it pretty quickly and didn't wait for the arch to dry, rookie mistake, but it's all good, it's just paper and some practice. I have a habit of "drawing the block and filling it in" with paint which I want to end. Would like for it to be more natural. I'm using a da vinci professional paint palette as well as a Daniel Smith and some W&N in tubes. This was on the back of another painting I had done (mostly flowers), I love how I can use both sides of the more expensive papers (this is W&N cold press 100% cotton block I got to try out from amazon).


Day two:

Brushes. I've very intentionally bought only three brushes. All are round, size 12, 6 and 0. After doing this workout I decided I wanted a flat so I'm waiting for a Princeton brush set I just ordered, they should be here soon and I'll update this sheet with those too! This is a great idea that I'm excited to execute every time I get a new brush.

14 watercolor workouts - image 1 - student project

Day three:

Basic pressure and consistency. I didn't like the oval shape that the round brushes create for bricks. Love it for leaves/petals though. I changed up the stroke so it was more side to side rather than up to down if that makes sense and the shapes turned more into rectangles, which is what I was looking for here. Ignore my black feathers, was using this paper for something else I was painting too. I tried using the round 6 and round 12 that I have.

14 watercolor workouts - image 2 - student project