14 drawings challenge

14 drawings challenge - student project

I started a few months ago with this challenge but sadly I did not finish it. I was still too critical and insecure to share my work. So it wasn’t fun for me anymore and that’s why I stopped.
But this year I’ve grown so much and I did the challenge again and with succes this time! And I’m not scared anymore to share..although I did have some struggle with the prompt “Flatten it out” (I did it 3 times haha) but I pushed trough. It’s a huge step forward and I had lots and lots of fun 

So thanks Marie-Noelle Wurm! For the inspirational quotes and your enthusiasm. It helped me a lot and made it into a great class14 drawings challenge - image 1 - student projectJourney

14 drawings challenge - image 2 - student projectCloudwatching

14 drawings challenge - image 3 - student projectFeeling a bit slow

14 drawings challenge - image 4 - student project

Shake it up

I really enjoyed this one the most! It loosened me up and beat down the perfectionist in me. It was really nice to feel so free. Also I was standing which was a nice and different experience 

14 drawings challenge - image 5 - student projectMetamorphosis 1&2

14 drawings challenge - image 6 - student projectCrowd of creatures
14 drawings challenge - image 7 - student projectColors & more colors (a fight, a lesson learned and making up)

14 drawings challenge - image 8 - student projectFlatten it out + Transform me

14 drawings challenge - image 9 - student projectFlatten it out (second try). Loved the texture of the stamp but overall I struggled a lot with this one...

14 drawings challenge - image 10 - student projectThread (I drew the figure in one line/thread)

14 drawings challenge - image 11 - student projectStructure 

14 drawings challenge - image 12 - student projectTake two. I made a stamp and wanted to use the watercolors of the flat birds...but it didn’t work so I used ink. It kinda took the shape of a fin to I added lines. I guess it also looks a bit like the lines of my thread drawing haha 14 drawings challenge - image 13 - student projectTexture (shroom)