14 days of illustrative journalling

14 days of illustrative journalling - student project

Day 1: 

I've been alternating between Radiohead's "In Rainbows" and Spotify's playlist "Refractions" to tap into my creative flow. Recently, I've also started to listen to Headspace meditations to get some needed space in my mind. My house is from the early 20th century and I can hear my neighbors' every move. I am convinced my upstairs neighbor is a pirate with two wooden sticks for legs, since he makes so much noise walking around his house! My bird, Karel, gladly accepts any challenge to try to make more noise, and likes to scream (but also chirp and chatter along to music). In any case, I'm not listening to my mother and definitely not to any mean thoughts I've created for myself.

14 days of illustrative journalling - image 1 - student project