14-days challenge

14-days challenge - student project





14-days challenge - image 1 - student project

In the middle of my journey, there were two options, and then after that, two more options, ad infinitum...I took a long time to flourish once I chose my path, but when I finally did, I saw freedom and love. 



14-days challenge - image 2 - student project

14-days challenge - image 3 - student project

I really enjoyed this exercise. I wouldn’t have drawn a leg and foot as big as these if it wasn’t by accident. I love this lack of proportion! It reminds me of Abaporu, by Tarsila do Amaral (Brazilian painter).




14-days challenge - image 4 - student project


I got frustrated with this exercise. Although in the beginning I did it very slow and it gave me time to think before making decisions, in the middle of the process, I just forgot the purpose of the exercise and got too attached to the subject and how ugly it was....Also, I spent like 10 minutes trying to think about a subject to draw. 



14-days challenge - image 5 - student project

I had so much fun with this exercise. I've been noticing that no matter what I choose to draw, if I don't like the color palette, It won't please me. So in this exercise, I decided to start by choosing a good palette. I was halfway to loving it. Then, I chose to draw my new favorite subject - landscapes - and I tried to reproduce in colored pencils what I've just learnt in Laurie Anne's acrylic painting classes. I really enjoyed feeling the energy of making it fast and strong, because I was not attached to the details, which I think is my biggest mistake, since I don't like realistic painting/drawings. I'm starting to improve with this challenge! 




 14-days challenge - image 6 - student project


I've been struggling to choose good subjects to my drawings, trying to discard obvious ideas in order to explore my creativity. Focusing on color seems to be an interesting way, since I love the feelings that colors tease me. I started choosing a nice color palette but at that moment I had no idea it would be the metamorphosis itself. Only when I started painting with yellow, this idea came to my mind. So I just followed the sequence and made my fingers dance on the paper in different directions. The bowl was the last element added to the scene. I've been thinking how I tend to control my ideas trying to plan everything before putting into practice. I'm really loving to lose control during the process and feel what my heart wants to say. 




14-days challenge - image 7 - student project

I loved this idea of representing metamorphosis as a girl getting older. That’s exactly the beauty of life. After finishing this drawing (which really pleased me), I was not sure If I had accomplished the challenge of filling all the page, so I decided to add a stripped background. 

14-days challenge - image 8 - student project

I didn’t like the final result because the background end up too dark and overshadowed the drawing itself. But anyway, mistakes are part of the process...




14-days challenge - image 9 - student project

I had no idea how fun it was to draw creatures! I felt like a child, exploring my imagination and creativity. I love the color pallette but I didn’t like the composion. But it really doesn’t matter, because the proccess was more important than the product. 




14-days challenge - image 10 - student project

I’ve found Emma Carlisle’s drawings on Pinterest and I was planning to explore her style in my drawings. This exercise seemed to be the perfect opportunity for this, since unique and non-realistic color pallettes are part of her identity as an artist. I love the freedom of representing nature with many different and unexpected colors. Also, I like the way the “strokes” remind me of a child’s drawing. “No rules!”, that’s what I really need to make my creativity flourish. 




14-days challenge - image 11 - student project

I finished this drawing pretty quickly and It seems to me I didn’t explore my creativity at all in the exercise. Maybe I was too focused on the product so I saw the left side of my brain controlling the proccess. I adopted symbols (instead of my imagination) to represent something I’ve already drawn many times. Although it is not ugly, I didn’t enjoy it.




14-days challenge - image 12 - student project

I had no idea what I would draw when I started the exercise. It started just like the cloudwatching exercise and when I recognized a face, I decided to complete the rest of the body trying to avoid realism (I’m not good at all in drawing people which helped a lot). It took me 10 minutes to finish it and the final result really surprised me. I like the way I mix figurative and abstract styles and how some parts don’t mean anything. This is something I would see someone doing and I would think I wasn’t capable of reproducing. 



 14-days challenge - image 13 - student project


The base drawing came from my first try for the previews exercise (thread). I did it very fast trying not to take off my hand from the paper but I didn’t like it and I abandoned it. So I transformed it for this exercise and I kinda like it. I’ve realized that the drawing doesn’t need to be beautiful to make me happy, it just has to be interesting and in my opinion, it is. I like the way a new layer and new materials can transform something ugly. 




14-days challenge - image 14 - student project


My inspiration came from the trees, natural structures. I tried to create some hierarchy from the trunk to the small branches and then I added some stripes to “correct” proportions and make it stronger. I’m not sure if I like it, since It was not very creative, but at least I keep trying. 


DAY 13 - TAKE 2


14-days challenge - image 15 - student project


For this exercise, I mixed day 8 and 11, by drawing an abstract landscape with colored pencils and some threads with a pen. I really enjoy mixing mediums, although I’m not sure if I like the final result. 





14-days challenge - image 16 - student project


14-days challenge - image 17 - student project


From a plant texture to a “dragon”. I just started copying the texture and I didn’t know how to transform it into something figurative (since I don’t feel confortable with abstract drawing). I ended up drawing a dragon’s mouth. It’s funny and it’s a good drawing to my son, but I’m not very proud of it.