14 days Mindset Project

I’ve been not drawing for MONTHS and feel like my skills is rotten and imposter syndrome is haunting me. I stumbled upon this class when I was reading my email and I see the intro first. What makes me interested in this class is because I feel like I have the same background as the teacher. I am a stay-at-home mom of two that feels like I cannot make time for my art because of the hustle of life. I always want to improve my skills but it’s like I don’t really have the time. Seeing the intro motivates me to do this. So here is my attempt. I am doing digital because that’s what I do most these days. I hope you don’t mind.


I still haven’t finish my list, so I just quick 6 minutes sketch what I see around me for this first three days. I try to not doing undo so much and overcome imperfections so my sketch is overall wonky and weird. 

14 days Mindset Project - image 1 - student project

14 days Mindset Project - image 2 - student project

14 days Mindset Project - image 3 - student project

This first days seems hurried for me because it’s really spontaneous but I’m glad I started. I will try to plan my things to draw for next days so I know what I’m gonna draw.

wish me luck!

UPDATE : Day 4-6

I realize that perspective is not my cup of tea, need to work on that later but my focus in this project is to see that I’m progressing through making little art everyday. 

14 days Mindset Project - image 4 - student project
14 days Mindset Project - image 5 - student project14 days Mindset Project - image 6 - student project

UPDATE : Day 7-10 

I’ve been skipping some days, my kids got sick and it’s kind of contagious this time because it feels they just transferring the flu to each other like ping-pong. I know I should make time but it seems like I couldn’t. I hope all of us will stay healthy at times like this. 

14 days Mindset Project - image 7 - student project 


 14 days Mindset Project - image 8 - student project



 14 days Mindset Project - image 9 - student project

14 days Mindset Project - image 10 - student project

My take for this project is that what I got to do is keep pushing myself to create, starting is always hard but I will find steady pace for myself along the way as I goes on. Maybe as you can see my sketch is not as great as the others, but I believe that perfect takes practice and always be reminded to be patient for the process. After this 14 day (which I just did 10), I set to continue drawing everyday with a theme that I set at limited time. I think I will work on better planning instead of doing it spontaneously. Start small so it doesn’t feel like a burden and try to not beat myself up for the imperfections.



Arini Rusda
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