14 days Illustration

Lately, arts has been helping me destress and focus on my daily life during this pandemic. I am not an artist but I really like doing arts/drawings eventhough I am not good at it ha! 

So for the first illustration, I was glad it was Currently Listening! The night before I started my day 1 illustration, I chanced upon the viral video of one Tiktok user who was skateboarding while drinking raspberry juice while listening to Fleetwood Mac! So the next morning, my playlist was all Fleetwood Mac which I started with dreams. So when the time comes to start my Day 1 for this class I was thrilled to see prompt! And all I could think of was the guy in the viral video and I knew I had to draw him! The only problem is I don't know how to draw! ha ha! Never mind! Practice makes perfect they say! So here you go! I am shamelessly sharing my first illustration for this class! :)14 days Illustration - image 1 - student project


Day 2 - Recently I Learned

For this prompt I tried my hardest to illustrate the most recent dish that I have learned to cook! Katsudon! It was surprisingly not that difficult to cook plus my family loved it!

14 days Illustration - image 2 - student project


Day 3 - Creating With

I've been using the colored pens from Faber-Castell for this project. So far I am enjoying every bit of it. I didn't know that you can use those pens to create these illustrations!


14 days Illustration - image 3 - student project


Day 4 - Latest Reading Material

When I read this prompt, I realized that I don't have anything to draw. I have not been reading at all! The books I've been reading now are children's books! But I'm glad that my daughter loves reading! She's the one who has a lot and I try to keep up with her now!

14 days Illustration - image 4 - student project


Day 5 - Ingredients to my mess

I am not a good cook. But since I am a mom I have to learn how to cook! So everytime I am in the kitchen and my husband sees a pile of dishes, pots, utensils -- I am the culprit! I tried doing one pot meals, but not successful! Good thing I like doing dishes! ha!

14 days Illustration - image 5 - student project

Day 6 - Daily Routine

This basically sums up my daily life as a mom. I've been taking care of my kids and husband making sure they are well fed, assist my daughter in her online distance learning and sing and dance with my youngest while I cook. This is the hardest daily routine I have experienced so far, but the most rewarding and fulfilling.

14 days Illustration - image 6 - student project