14 day project

14 day project - student project

14 day project - image 1 - student project

Day 1. I love how honest Ohn Mar Win is about feeling scared creatively. I draw a lot from imagination and photo reference, but sketching from life in a short time frame is something I haven’t done in a long time and it’s nerve wracking! Learning a lot about resetting expectations and starting to understand some of the reasons I’ve had trouble sticking to 30 day challenges in the past. 

14 day project - image 2 - student project

Day 2. I looked forward to the challenge all day, even though I was a little nervous. I’m getting better at focusing on the parts I like about my drawing instead of the parts that are ‘wrong’, and seeing those as learning experience for next time.


14 day project - image 3 - student projectDay 3. I didn’t feel up to drawing today as I had a headache, but I reminded myself six minutes wasn’t long at all! This helped me push through the barrier and draw. I really like the top left version of this matcha whisk.


14 day project - image 4 - student projectDay 4. I knew this one would be tricky - structured object, ellipses and perspective all at once! Concentrating on drawing what I saw was tricky, it’s made me realise what areas need more improvement as I usually build up drawings from shapes instead. E.g. I would usually draw two circles on top of each other and go from there. I’m glad I pushed through my comfort zone and looking forward to drawing this again.



14 day project - image 5 - student projectDay 5. Sometimes the simplest shapes prove to be the hardest!

14 day project - image 6 - student projectDay 6. I didn’t have access to my iPad over the weekend so couldn’t upload, but I was pleased to complete the drawings. 

14 day project - image 7 - student projectDay 7. Using pencil allowed me to block in the shapes first.

14 day project - image 8 - student project

Day 8. This one was very challenging!

 14 day project - image 9 - student project

 Day 9. This is my favourite necklace, so it was fun to draw. I feel like I learned a lot today. One of the things I love about this class is that you have the accountability to upload your work, without the intimidation of posting somewhere like Instagram. It’s given me the confidence to pursue art projects I was too scared to before. 

14 day project - image 10 - student projectDay 10.


14 day project - image 11 - student projectDay 11. This was a challenge! I’m not used to drawing with brush/ink, and I hate to draw ellipses in perspective. I’m glad that I had a go.

14 day project - image 12 - student projectDay 12. I quite like this one!

14 day project - image 13 - student projectDay 13, almost there! My hands are shaky today because I’m anxious about the pandemic. Drawing is soothing though, and I am already planning my next drawing challenge.

14 day project - image 14 - student projectDay 14. Before doing this challenge I would have thought this log would be too difficult to draw, but I’ve learned how to pick out the most important aspects in a few minutes, and to let go of the need for perfect. 

Although I found the brush and ink difficult on day 11, I’d like to explore this more with watercolours and different types of brushes. I’d like to challenge myself with more ellipses and perspective, while finding a way to keep it fun. My favourite drawings are the simplified matcha whisk, the rose and log, while I enjoyed using the felt tips and brush pen with the apples and garlic. I usually work on an iPad so it’s been fun to go back to traditional art, and I’m inspired by Ohn Mar Win to keep a sketchbook in future. I’ve learned to take my time, think of the object’s shape as a whole, and trust myself more. I like the idea of taking short breaks whenever I start to criticise my work. 

Doing the challenge gave me the courage to sign up for an online natural history illustration course, so I expect that to keep me busy for the next few weeks, but I’d love to explore more on Skillshare after that. I’d like to set myself the challenge of 6 minute nature drawings as a warm up each evening before the course. Maybe I’ll update this at the end!

Thanks for a wonderful experience!