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14 day mixed media challenge


I tend to do a lot of animal centered art in my freetime, especially starring my own pets (two young dogs with BIG personalities). I thought long and hard about what was inspiring me/scaring me at this moment in my life that related to my favorite subjects but isn't completely centered on them for a change, and I couldn't get this face out of my mind. This is my first child due in January and I am wondering how everything will balance out? I love that our photo is supposed to be an inspiration and not what we'll necessarily be making a portrait of, because I have no idea really what this little guy will look like when I meet him; but I do have a lot of questions and I have an encouraging smile from him.

My concept is to delve into these questions and create an interesting answer to them. How will the balance of personalities go between this new baby and the dogs? Will there be a power struggle? Will they instantly be best friends? What do I really want to see happen as a new Mom, and how will I balance everything in this new role I am now entering...

As I rummaged through some old mail and paperwork I noticed I have a lot of old receipts. Some of these receipts are crumbled up and some have faded with discoloration, and I got to thinking that they might make an interesting background. Handling financials is another major worry in my mind in regards to our new addition, and these receipts add another layer to the new Mom balancing act.


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