14-day drawing challenge

14-day drawing challenge - student project

14-day drawing challenge - image 1 - student project
Day 1 - Journey
I really enjoy reading others’ thought processes and I realised I won’t remember why I did my drawings so I am now adding some ramblings too.

After watching the prompt for ‘Journey’ I thought of the long walks I go on - during lockdowns more or less every day - and I always feel like I’m just following my feet and selecting routes randomly.

14-day drawing challenge - image 2 - student project

Day 2 - Cloud watching scribble14-day drawing challenge - image 3 - student projectDay 2 - Cloud watching (finished)

This took a long time - not the drawing but seeing something into the scribble. Taylor in her comments mentioned doing this as a separate daily challenge, which is a great idea, it would help me draw a bit less figuratively and with more imagination.

14-day drawing challenge - image 4 - student projectDay 3 - Feeelin’ Slow

I once did a similar etching and I remembered it being painstakingly slow. This drawing took 2.5 hours, which is unusually long for me to spend on a single drawing but I loved the experience, it was fun to watch it unfold.

14-day drawing challenge - image 5 - student projectDay 4 - Shake it up!

This is something I used to do a lot in the past, drawing 30-second poses, gestures, impressions of people. I should really do this every day again as I’m quite rusty but it’s great fun!

14-day drawing challenge - image 6 - student project
Day 5 - Metamorphosis

For me the biggest metamorphosis is turning from a zombie into a normal human being in the morning :)

14-day drawing challenge - image 7 - student project
Day 6 - Metamorphosis 2

Sticking to the scheme of turning human from a zombie, albeit a bit literally. This was a really quick one, I tired to fill the whole page but I clearly struggle with abstract and always end up being figurative and most of the time I draw people. I need to learn to step out of my comfort zone.


14-day drawing challenge - image 8 - student projectDay 7 - Crowd of creatures

When I watched the prompt my first thought was: octopus! Not sure why. I really like them (not just eating but looking at them) but I never tried to draw one so this topic seemed like a good opportunity to practice.
14-day drawing challenge - image 9 - student projectDay 8 - Colours and more colours

This is probably the most abstract thing I’ve done in the last 30 years so I’m truly outside my comfort zone. It’s also the first one that’s not (all) digital. I (perhaps unimaginatively) used the weather to set the colours in ink: gray morning followed by beautiful sunshine, bright blue skies and then a purple dusk and then dark again. On top of it I digitally drew out my day from my morning coffee, stages of (boring) emails and (boring) zoom meetings, my daily run and my evening drawing session. I definitely loved the inking bit - especially the weird patterns the blue created - so will be experimenting with this again.

14-day drawing challenge - image 10 - student project

Day 9 - Flatten it out

Here was another prompt that took me way out of my comfort zone. Out of sheer laziness I used Procreate (so I can draw while lounging on the sofa) but I haven’t quite mastered any of the necessary skills yet so it’s very much like something I would’ve done at the age of 4. Nevertheless, it was fun and certainly not a dark/moody picture! :)

14-day drawing challenge - image 11 - student project

Day 10 - Thread

A bit of a sad one, I’m not sure what made me think of it. I used Procreate and way more layers than ever before - I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing when I use colours and layers but I’ll get there. The pink is probably part of a childhood memory, I vaguely remember having a pink bunny although mine most certainly had both eyes.

14-day drawing challenge - image 12 - student project

Day 11 - Transform me

Metamorphosis 2 was my least favourite - and it still is! :) Nevertheless, it was a good experiment with colours, which I love but really don’t know how to use and I have learnt a lot in the process. Most of all, I learnt that I need a lot more practice!

14-day drawing challenge - image 13 - student project

Day 12 - Structure
The prompt made me think of my office building, all glass and stone angles and straight lines. I never draw buildings so this was something different. I really enjoyed representing the glass and reflections with a very limited palette.

14-day drawing challenge - image 14 - student project

Day 13 - Take 2

...or 3. So I took the colours and more colours exercise - it was a Saturday so cheerful colours - and some of them looked like jellyfish, i.e. crowd of (other kind of) sea creatures. Then at the end I realised it was a bit like the cloud watching exercise so effectively I managed to combine three of the previous pieces! :)

14-day drawing challenge - image 15 - student project

Day 14 - Texture

I watched the final prompt at sunset on Sunday. There was a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in its sleeve catching the last rays of the sun presenting a lovely texture. After a bit of playing around with textures (and turning it upside down) I ended up with something that looks somewhat like the back of a calf in sparkly tights.

Fun two weeks! Thanks Marie-Noëlle! :)