14-day challenge

14-day challenge - student project

14-day challenge - image 1 - student project

14-day challenge - image 2 - student project14-day challenge - image 3 - student project

Paintings and animations. I'm exploring the use of wet-on-wet  watercolour inks and paints, using a perspex sheet on a light box. I'm capturing the images with a horizontally mounted camera using  Dragonframe software. It's really hard to control the colours and my table isn't completely horizontal.

Cloud watching was made for inks and water. The orange is stronger than I intended; I might revisit this with just blue and  subtle grey.

The treecreeper is slow art, that's how it started anyway more reflective than usual for me. For metamorphosis I've explored moving the camera in 3D but the leaves appearing isn't quite what I had hoped for, also the resolution and focus is poor. 

  For colours of my day, I've returned to clouds scudding across the sky.

I bent the rules a bit, allowing some perspective into my 'flat' animation, but it is completely flat.

Thread is made with white wool on dark card, it's a mix of memories and the present day.

The trees were an attempt to revisit the treecreeper painting, but turned into spring, wet-on-wet mixed with dry watercolour painting of the trunks.