14 day challenge!!

14 day challenge!! - student project

I am really late for this challenge.Here is what i have learnt on day 1.

DAY 1 :

INTENTION : Show up.


14 day challenge!! - image 1 - student project


I thought it would be easy to sketch these two incense stands in 6 min.Sketching part was easy,but i was overwhelmed with taking decisions on either should i focus on shapes or details or drawing the same object from different angles etc within the limited time frame.This time limit kind of shattered my over expectations and now i realize i need to be more gentle and also try focusing on the shapes first.

14 day challenge!! - image 2 - student project

 DAY 2:

INTENTION : Play with the possibilities!!


14 day challenge!! - image 3 - student project
















Day 2 felt like a breeze.I enjoyed the process a lot and focused mainly on the line work and shapes and it allowed me to draw with ease and loosen up.I used brush pen and i liked it :)14 day challenge!! - image 4 - student project

DAY 3:

INTENTION:Mistakes are a part of the process.

REFERENCE IMAGE:14 day challenge!! - image 5 - student project


I used watercolor for this challenge and my biggest takeaway would be to prep the palette before we start the timer.As sketching with watercolors was new to me,i set the above intention and it really helped me to play with this medium without any expectations.I now have started enjoying this challenge and it feels exciting to try new materials and see how it turns out!!14 day challenge!! - image 6 - student project

Since I have been travelling for the past 4 days, I couldn't upload my progress to the project tab.

DAY 4:

INTENTION:Try new things.

14 day challenge!! - image 7 - student project














This was the most challenging sketch so far.Since I am on journey I packed simple things to draw and this tube was one of that.I was able to capture the normal view easily,but drawing from side view,with the cap as main focus troubled me a lot.Throughout the entire sketch I was frustrated and annoyed.Only after doing the caring critique I understood how I had this expectation that it would be easy to sketch a tube in 6 min and when i couldn't meet that expectation within the first 2 min I felt the anger and frustration.I am glad this came up and my biggest takeaway was never to underestimate an object based on it's size!!

14 day challenge!! - image 8 - student project

DAY 5:

INTENTION:Embrace the suck and allow yourself to play and experiment.

14 day challenge!! - image 9 - student project












After my heavy expectations on day 4,I allowed myself to try something small and i totally enjoyed the process.Whenever i set the intention that it's ok to make mistakes,I am really enjoying the challenge.This is my new bell key chain and u can see the difference in my takeaway between day 4 and day 5.(it's the underlined part)

14 day challenge!! - image 10 - student project

DAY 6:

INTENTION:Challenges expands our possibilities.

14 day challenge!! - image 11 - student project


Day 6 was really fun and i loved how with simple strokes we can capture the folds and shape of the backpack.I can say i felt confident after this session.

14 day challenge!! - image 12 - student project

DAY 7:

INTENTION:When stuck take a deep breath and move forward!

14 day challenge!! - image 13 - student project













One thing i learnt from today's session was not all fruits are round!!And I loved todays session a lot!!

14 day challenge!! - image 14 - student project

 DAY 8:

INTENTION:One step at a time.

14 day challenge!! - image 15 - student project













I had a little revelation today!!My major challenge  was where to start when i am drawing something and how to deconstruct the shape.So i always end up panicking and it made me to not trust the decisions that i make during these 6 minute sessions.But today when i started the timer I asked myself "WHAT IS THE FIRST SHAPE THAT I AM SEEING?" and drew according to that.It felt easy and i felt confident during the process.

And my speed also increased!!

14 day challenge!! - image 16 - student project

DAY 9:

INTENTION:One thing at a time.

REFERENCE:For today's session I have chose Coconut grater!!

14 day challenge!! - image 17 - student project
















I am now applying the concept of what is the first shape that i am seeing and I am enjoying the sessions a lot.Today I tried using kuretake brush pen and faced difficulty with the line control,other than that my ability to deconstruct an object is improving and I am loving it :)!!!

14 day challenge!! - image 18 - student project

DAY 10

INTENTION:Every practice is a learning process.


14 day challenge!! - image 19 - student project



















I was watching Angry birds movie and i decided to illustrate matilda as i have that toy in our house.I told myself it would be easy and it turned out to be a good lesson for me.I started gripping the pen too much ,bcoz internally i don't want to mess up since it is an easy to draw object.It was messed up.But it taught me again that this process is going to have many ups and downs and i have a choice.I am grateful for the caring critique questions,it helps me to remind me that i have another day and it's ok to make mistakes and there is room for improvement!!




14 day challenge!! - image 20 - student project

 DAY 11:



14 day challenge!! - image 21 - student project
















Today i experimented with pentel fude brush pen with smaller bristle tip and i loved it!!

14 day challenge!! - image 22 - student project

DAY 12:

INTENTION:Remember to have fun!!


14 day challenge!! - image 23 - student project













Today i messed up with my first sketch,i started with the small elements for a change and it didn't turn out well.But the surprising thing was the intention that i set kept coming back to me,so i was smiling and enjoying through the entire process and i loved the way the second sketch turned out.I think my brain is now getting wired to this intention setting process.Because now i am not bothered about the outcome,but slowly focusing on the process :) .That is the reason i gave myself a 9/10 for enjoying the practice!!

14 day challenge!! - image 24 - student project

DAY 13:

INTENTION: Remember to have fun and focus!!


14 day challenge!! - image 25 - student project















Today i sketched the grinding stones present in a grinder(i don't the correct name!).I wanted to try that because i felt that it would be difficult,so remembered to have fun and did it anyway :)

I have used pigma micron 0.1 mm and i loved it!!

14 day challenge!! - image 26 - student project

DAY 14

INTENTION:Consistency is the key and remember to have fun!!!


14 day challenge!! - image 27 - student project



















I really really enjoyed this 14 day challenge.So i decided to end this last day on a positive note.Today I chose to sketch our Diya which we light everyday and offer our prayers.It reminded me of the light and peace that we all need now :) 

14 day challenge!! - image 28 - student project