14 day art practice

14 day art practice - student project

Before I started this 14 day challenge, my preferred medium for drawing was pencil. However, I got always caught up in getting all the details right, so I would always go back and erase and redo and every drawing became a never-ending story. Quite recently, I started to use colour pencils and did my sketches all in one colour which gives me amazing feeling on freedom because I can’t go back and erase anything. However, I very rarely used pen, ball pen or fine liner for sketching. 
I also prefer filling spaces with colour rather than just drawing lines, so there were quite a few challenges for me to tackle during this project. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

On the first day, 14 days seemed like eternity but now that I’ve finished, it feels like I started just yesterday. I followed the 3 + 3 mins pattern which seemed to give me better control over my work. 
14 day art practice - image 1 - student project

I still prefer drawing in colour pencil but really quite liked using gel pen and even fine liner. Some days were better than others. Sometimes, I felt confident and was really pleased with the result, other days it was complete opposite and on other days, I was confident that the object will be easy-ish  to draw and then ended up quite disappointed (regarding the enjoyment and progress) but it was all part of the learning process and I loved it. 

Sometimes half way through, I did a few line sketches in watercolour (on top of the daily practice) and was astonished with how natural it felt to me.

14 day art practice - image 2 - student project

I did a few more in the following days and then decided that a line work in watercolour will be the theme for my next 14 day challenge. 

Thank you for such an inspiring class! I loved seeing your sketch books. You have created some wonderful art there!