14 day art challenge

14 day art challenge - student project

Day 1: Scissors!

14 day art challenge - image 1 - student project 

These are my favorite pair of scissors. I got them 7   years ago, when i started sewing and cutting cloth.

 I had alot of fun drawing them.

 The project its self, I sort of (edited) it.

 I am doing two, ten minute drawings. and then doing   a  whole bunch of smaller versions. I also start off with pencil and finish it with pen. I am also planning on going back and coloring them in with different mediums (after i scan them in black and white).

My favorite part about this drawing was drawing the blade and the little circles. Its really crazy how elongating a simple part of a drawing can really change the whole outcome of it.

Day 2: Rubber Plant

14 day art challenge - image 2 - student project

This is my girlfriends rubber plant. I am still skeptical about it being a real plant. It is never watered or in the sun and it is still green and living...hmmm.

I love drawing circles so this was really fun. I think i did a decent job drawing the plants in the distance. I do not understand how people draw things in 3D. I drew the plants in the background first so maybe next time i will do the plants in the front, then move to the back.

I really love how the top left and the one under it came out. The big one was one of my 10 minute drawings and i feel like I did a really bad job with that one. I was trying to draw it from the top and have the plants coming towards me but i did a terrible job.

   Day 3: Blunt Wrap

This is one of my favorite type of rolling papers... (for tobacco use *cough). I know your gonna say Edward that contains nicotine its bad for your lungs and im going to say Go to hell. I also smoke RAW papers FYI.

Anyways i felt super lazy for this one, it was about 10pm and we were going to bed. I sort of left the first drawing i did in pencil next to it. I am super excited to draw things like this, i might just draw a pack of RAW papers in there.

My favorite part about this was drawing the text and lines. I could have done a better job making it look more realistic. Its difficult for me to understand certain angles.

14 day art challenge - image 3 - student project


Day 4: Tape Measure



HMMM. whats the sentimental value to this tape measure.It is in fact the one we got when my girlfriend and i moved in together?

Anyways. This thing really helped me with angles. It had squares,curves,flat parts, everything! This project has already helped me with self discipline and change. My favorite part about drawing this was probably the little clip. im going to draw a few more over.

It was also my first time recording myself drawing at this angle. I wont be posting all the videos I do here, but i am definitely recording all my drawings from now on so thats exciting!

14 day art challenge - image 4 - student project


Day 5: Lamp


This lamp was really fun to draw. I knew coming in that it would have alot of interesting angles. The stand is wood but i had a sort of difficult time drawing that out... I felt over whelmed earlier but i started working on this drawing of smaller things around my house and started a new project!

 Day 6:Bialetti14 day art challenge - image 5 - student project

I took a few days off from this challenge to work on some other art projects. This quarantine break has really led me to figuring out where i would like to take my passion for art. I started learning photoshop, but this one exercise has helped me with planning what im actually drawing. You need to know basics and you cant just jump int other things with out knowing angles and perception. 

Anyways I had SOME fun drawing this. It was frustrating because i could get those damn angles right.... anyways i hope you all like the digital rendition.

Ed Monster
Artist from BKNY looking to learn more