14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - student project

Update October 26; Day 28- I just completed this workshop, and I loved this class and it has inspired me to want to make Journaling a 365 day habit. Also, on Day11 with 'my favourite corner' I was talking about wanting to include plants there and not getting around to actually doing something about it, well, now I did something about it and even journaled it. :D

Here goes nothing- 

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 1 - student project

October 11; Day 14- I can't believe I did this amazing class and followed through with one journal exercise for each of the 14 days! I made it, I did it! Now i look forward to making this an eaveryday, all year habit. 

Thanks Dylan, for this wonderful class <3 <3 <3

Here is Day 14, finishing off with all the things I love and have been obsessing about. What a great way to finish :D

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 2 - student project 

October 10; Day 13- Oh, just journaling this recipe is making me recall the taste and drool over my lemon bar fantasy. I realize i have shrunk the illustrated aprt of the journal entry by a lot to accomodate the text. Hmm, anyways I wanted to say I understand the appeal of illustrating the recipes, as this is more fun and easy to remember visually, than having the recipe saved on youtube.

Also i made a subconcious choice of limiting the color schme to two yellows and an orange- now I realize, it really reflects the sunny-lemonyness (sorry about this, don't say anything) of the recipe!

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 3 - student project 

October 09; Day 12- I am pretty happy with the layout and colors i used for today's prompt, and also today my pentel brush pen was smoothly flowing with ink, that made me pretty happy :D :D

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 4 - student project

October 08; Day 11- My favourite corner is my creative space- the blank plane of my drawing board, the stationary I have reight besides it wll all my art supplies, my laptop, tablet and a boom-box for a little music to pump me up when I need it- all these make up the rest. And the only thing missing currently is a plant or two- but that would complete this picture for me, so I added it in here... One of these days!14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 5 - student project


October 07; Day 10- Wow! 10 days down, that's awesome!

Today, I went back to ink. In hindsight, the combination of colors i used today, I could have put a little more thought into, as the feel is christmassy yet it isn't. Maybe I will try adding a little water to lighten the shades, i'm looking for that pastel effect.

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 6 - student project

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 7 - student project


October 06; Day 9- There are many things that I do as a part of my self-care routine and I already meantioned working out as a part of my daily routine, but what I love is how the brain is able to pull up alternative words and visuals to represent the same idea differently here and avoid repetition, which would otherwise make journaling boring for me.

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 8 - student project

October 05; Day 8- Okay, I had the order of the prompts messed up in between there, so here's 'Currently craving' and how ironic is the timing- I'm just on my period and my craving is at it's peak! My craving is not just food related, there's this urgency and need to comfort myself with a good book, feel good, sad songs and window shopping for stationary (I might become a serial hoarder and broke if I gave in)

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 9 - student project



October 04; Day 7- This was superfun, coz today was me with colored inks and a flatbrush- I just have one Tombow, and I really like the streaky effect of the pens.. so was trying to get a similar effect. 

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 10 - student project

October 03; Day 6- This made me think a little, and between the various things I do everyday, what I finally put down on paper are things I do on most days (overthinking) and things I wish I did on a more regular basis (the rest), especially on those bad days, so this also feels like Daily Goals.

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 11 - student project

October 02; Day 5- I love how we are slowly grazing into the vulnerability territory, for example, with this prompt 'Ingerdients to my mess.' Journaling this, adding funny little deets about things makes me see that stuff with a funny, self-depricating outlook. 

If I made someody laugh, I think i don't mind admitting to my mess. 14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 12 - student project

October 01- This prompt is sorta a reminder for the books I've started and not consistently reading/ finished. Maybe this will help me get to it, should I finish atleast one of there unfinished ones by the end of this year, I'd feel like I completed 2020 with a bang.

Also today is first October, that means, we're in the last quarter of this mess of a year- I'mma make the most of what's left.

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 13 - student project

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 14 - student project


September 30; Day 3- I'm planning to work on my lettering and learn calligraphy through October, and here's my pick of tools for the rest of the month- it is going to be hard working with a limited color palette (will stick with Black and scarlet, only a bit of blue to spice it up; it's #pinktober), maybe tht's a good challenge to take up.

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 15 - student project

September 29; Day 2- This is something I learned recently and has stuck with me, and it is something I'd want to constantly remind myself of (the metaphor) on my low days when I think about the insignificance to life as a whole.

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 16 - student project

Sept 28- Day 1 is all about the album currently in loop on my Spotify. I kept it two tone similar to the album artwork.. although maybe I could have played around a bit with the song names in terms of lineweight etc.

14 beautiful days of self-reflection <3 - image 17 - student project