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14 P's of Patagonia BUS 304


  • Patagonia has positioned itself within the market as one of the top brands in outdoor recreational wear. Most other brands can be considered to be “knock-offs” of Patagonia clothing.


  • Patagonia’s brand is seen as one of the highest quality products in outdoor sports wear. The logo itself reflects quality, efficiency, performance, and often time’s prestige and class. In addition to the quality, the company takes pride in quality customer service.


  • Patagonia seems to be placed along with other high quality clothing brands, which shows the company’s position with competitors. In the pdf ad, the products are placed among other outdoor recreation items like canoes.


  • The offers that Patagonia includes with their merchandise are enough to make a consumer want to buy their products more often. Patagonia shows through these deals that they are confident enough in the quality of these items that they are willing to repair any damaged clothing.


  • In the ad for the jacket, the “Common Thread Initiative” emphasizes cooperation between the consumer and manufacturer to provide the best service. These deals attract outdoor enthusiasts and anyone willing to support Patagonia’s ideals.


  • Patagonia’s commitment to helping the environment makes many passionate consumers want to talk about their product.


  • Many people already know the iconic Patagonia logo, as well as the quality of clothing and service this lies beneath it.

Public Relations

  • Patagonia appeals to the general public through their commitment to helping the environment and their promotion of healthy and active lifestyles. The “Common Threads Initiative” also appeals to many potential customers.


  • With Patagonia’s promise to their customers to repair any damaged products, the consumers will want to buy more of their product with the thought that they will wear it until it wears out. Most customers will be attracted to the idea that they are able to get more than what their money’s worth.


  • This “P” also goes along with Patagonia’s promise to excellent service. When something is broken, the company is willing to repair it. Just like when the dog hears the bell, it expects food.


  • Patagonia is very consistent. They continue to strive to provide the best service and product for any outdoor enthusiast. They include a video of one of these enthusiasts testing out the jacket, which shows that they are confident in the service that they preach over and over again.


  • Where Patagonia sells their product is very important. In my own personal experience, I have always seen Patagonia products in the same environment. They know who their customers are, so Patagonia tends to cater to their interests and place products in sporting goods stores or other outdoors environments.


  • In addition to what was said in the “Place” section, Patagonia knows their customers will want to support their initiative to help protect the environment. Patagonia realizes that who they are selling to are the same kinds of people that they are themselves, thus making a rather intimate company –to-customer relationship and fulfilling their mission together.

People Like Us

  • Much like the section above, this P really encompasses the Patagonia brand. The consumers have the same traits and ideals as the brand, thus making the brand more successful.


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