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14 P's for Patagonia

Positing- Patagonia is different from other brands because it is an outdoor brand that is environmentally conscious and charitable brand. It has also found its niche by branding to a cliental that gravitates to outdoor activities.
Pricing- the price is perceived on the value of the item. People pay for the quality of Patagonia because it is made from good quality that also lasts and can withstand a lot of different environments. Also, if the product were to defect, Patagonia says they will fix it. Therefore, consumers are paying for quality of Patagonia.
Placement- Patagonia does a good job of placing their product because they place it in proximity to other outdoor gear, which appeals to Patagonia’s positioning (attracting clients who are more outdoorsy).
Promotion- Patagonia’s biggest promotion is word of mouth. By supporting great causes, Patagonia encourages and inspires to support them and by their products, so in turn, their consumers can support the causes that Patagonia does.
Permission- Patagonia treats their customers like real people instead of like they are just strictly consumers, which helps with their brand reputation.
Purple- Patagonia is a brand that is worth talking about, and the biggest thing people talk about is the story of Patagonia that differentiates it from other brands and businesses.
Publicity- Patagonia has a strong website presence that highlights the beauty of Patagonia and the moments that people can find themselves in when wearing a Patagonia product.
PR- Patagonia tells the story of how they partner with environmentally friendly mills and factories, which can gain consumer support for the brand.
Placebo- If you are told that you can get so long of use out of a Patagonia, you will probably use it for that long.
Pavlov- Patagonia has a strong brand presence. Whenever you see their logo, you know it is their brand.
Persistence- Patagonia constantly reminds their consumers of their brand, as well as the great causes they support and the great quality of their products.
Place- In Patagonia store in NYC, it reflects their brand; it have wooden beams that reflect an outdoorsy feel.
Personalization- Patagonia involves their consumers in their mission to support causes; instead of throwing away a jacket, consumers can give it back to Patagonia who will donate it through their Common Threads partnership. They include their consumers with phrases like “join us” and “together we can.”
People like us- If you buy a Patagonia product, then you are probably using the items you purchase to spend times outdoor. Even though Patagonia does have a broad cliental, they also specialize to a certain type of consumer.


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