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14 P Words


Patagonia knows that is must find its niche in its customer’s mind for outdoor clothing. They do not compete with fine clothing stores or jewelry stores, so their position in their market is crucial to understand.



Patagonia adjusts its prices based on its products worth and not necessarily how much it cost to make, or how much their competitor’s prices are. They create their own value.



This is important because having Patagonia’s product in places that are important, relevant, and common are a key to their success of creating awareness for their products. This translates to physical places and online areas. The proximity towards their customers changes the way people see their products.



Patagonia spreads the story they want to spread by getting their product out there for people to trial, thus creating an emotion with the customer. It’s important they know where and when they want to do this promotion.



Having the ability to want customers to hear about Patagonia’s products is a big tool to their success.



Creating something where there is emotion to it. Patagonia needs it products to be rememberable able and something that other people will talk about. Making the customer believe that the product is remarkable is a great strategy.



Getting Patagonia’s name and brand out there through advertisements is important to their market strategy. People are always using mediums of communication so having your brand out there is important; yet it is not the one and only key to success.



Patagonia’s ability to not only publicize it’s products, but create strategy’s that shine it’s products in good light in the public eye is very important.



Patagonia uses placebo to make people think that its products are better than other people’s products. If it’s customers believe beforehand that its products are superior, then they will after their purchase also.




If Patagonia’s clothes serve a certain objective to the customer’s needs, then the next time a customer comes to buy a product, or another new customer comes who already knows about Patagonia’s quality, then they will be already inclined before purchasing the product that it will serve their need. This is because they have been conditioned by the brand previously for its quality service.



Patagonia’s ability to always have new clothing products out there, and to always be creating new content and put themselves out in the forefront of everyone’s mind, it key to keeping them relevant and creating new customers. If you’re not there in the first place then you cannot market yourself properly.



Patagonia creates a feeling of safety, comfort, and familiarity with its stores. It’s customers know, either at a physical store or on the online shop, that they are shopping for Patagonia products, and that inclines them to like the product and the company better.



Going off of place, Patagonia excels at having a consistent brand of products that its customers know and trust. They do not feel like they should shop anywhere else if they already know what they like at Patagonia and that it will appropriately serve their needs.


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Patagonia knows that people that buy its products want to use them for the outdoors because that is the purpose of their store. If they can target that audience and take strides to adhere to them, it helps their entire mar


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