14 Days of Messages

14 Days of Messages - student project

Day 4: Addressing Unkind Thoughts - For the last two days I had been quite unproductive, which kind of made lose confidence in myself and let in a lot of unkind thoughts and ridiculous expectations that I placed on myself. However, I’ve come to realise that what matters is to do something and that’s just enough.

14 Days of Messages - image 1 - student project
Day 3: Respond to Your Day - Today was my first day of school after a prolonged Easter break due to the pandemic, hence, everything was quite hectic, as I had extra-tutoring and several project meeting as well today. I was feeling kinda overwhelmed when I started drawing, but all I needed was to know that I’ll figure it all out somehow.

14 Days of Messages - image 2 - student project

Day 2: A Message in One Word - My introverted side kind of took over me today, even though I had a meeting with my friends that I had been looking forward to for some days now, so I guess my brain decided to tell me to upen up a bit and enjoy life with others.

14 Days of Messages - image 3 - student project

Day 1: Name a Feeling - The day outside is simply so beautiful and I’ve had such a great day so far, hence, this quote immediately popped into my mind and then I decided to just draw something more fairytale-like, since life is really great now :)14 Days of Messages - image 4 - student project