14 Days Mindset Challenge: Show up Daily

14 Days Mindset Challenge: Show up Daily - student project

Days 5-8

Day5 : I used a black brush pen. This jar was fun to draw. I did not enjoy trying to draw this quickly. Next time, I would paint the form and then hand letter the details in ink. 

Day 6 : I did not enjoy drawing the tea cup at all. I used a watercolor brush pen and watercolor paints. None of the forms are realistic to me. I needed more control. Next time, I would use a pencil or pen instead. Also, I did this one on 3/16/20 and I was feeling very anxious about the virus spreading around the globe, so I was a bit stressed.

Day 7: I like this tin and the logo. I chose pencil and then added colored pencil and ink on top. I hadn't realized that the logo had a man's face on it, until I sat down to draw. That scared me a bit, but I was surprised at how well I did. This was fun to draw. 

Day 8: I really like this one. I enjoy watercolor and feathers are fun to paint. I might go back and add detailed line work in pen. 

14 Days Mindset Challenge: Show up Daily - image 1 - student projectDay 4 - Nothing ever grows in comfort zones

Today I had selected a wooden penguin toy to draw with oil pastels. Before I started, I knew it was going to be hard to use the selected medium, but went ahead with it. I did not enjoy it at all. My oil pastels are very thick and there is no point, so it was hard to draw any detail in the face or even get the perspective right. I was surprised by the penguin on the right. I was holding the penguin at a different angle and I like this drawing the best. I learned from today's drawing session about selecting the proper medium and what I enjoy working with. 


14 Days Mindset Challenge: Show up Daily - image 2 - student project

Day 3 - Play and Have fun

Today I had planned to use a pencil, but I changed my mind right before I started. I decided to use a water brush pen and black water color paint. I was nervous going into this challenge to draw straight on the paper with a brush without first sketching with a pencil. Especially since the object is a bit challenging to draw. It was fun, but I was also very tense while drawing. I knew I was under a time restraint and by using an unforgiving medium I felt the pressure. Once I finished and stood back at what I created in 6 minutes, I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoy using watercolor and think drawing this way can free me and help to loosen my style. 

Enjoyment: 6/10, Confidence: 7/10, Progress: 7/10

14 Days Mindset Challenge: Show up Daily - image 3 - student project


Day 2 - Good things take time

I selected a tape measure for Day 2 and used a brown colored pencil. I like using the pencil. I felt confident today and enjoyed having details to draw and lettering. 

Enjoyment: 8/10, Confidence: 8/10, Progress: 7/10

14 Days Mindset Challenge: Show up Daily - image 4 - student project

Day 1 - Enjoy the process and be kind to myself

I selected a wooden spoon that was made by my Dad. I really like this object and thought it would be simple to start with. I used a Tombow brush marker that is a few years old and discovered once the timer was started that it was running low on ink. That bothered me at first, but I decided to keep going and not let it stop me. I was concerned about having enough time and I ended up rushing and finishing with 1 -1/2 minutes left after drawing 3 spoons. Overall, I am happy with my first attempt. I really want to let go of perfection and trying too hard. I want to learn to be kind to myself during this process. 

Enjoyment: 7/10, Confidence: 8/10, Progress; 6.5/10

14 Days Mindset Challenge: Show up Daily - image 5 - student project


I have gathered my supplies, items for drawing and created a 14 day plan. I am most excited about using everyday items I have around the house and having a plan for the next 2 weeks to create everyday. 

14 Days Mindset Challenge: Show up Daily - image 6 - student project






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