14 Day challenge

14 Day challenge - student project

Day 14

Time went quickly...hard to believe that 14 days have passed! I never  have done as much soul searching into the way I feel when I sketch. Every artist will benefit from taking this class!

I am extremely happy with my progress in using pen only. I have discovered that I really like bolder lines so my brush pen is now my new friend. I still love faffing, but only to enhance the sketch itself. I love to add a bit of wc at the end to make the sketch come alive. I still love to use wc pencils to add color. As a matter of fact, this class was the 1st time ever that I didn't use wc pencils to add color!

14 Day challenge - image 1 - student project


Day 13

Again..I like both! Although, not as much as the past 2 days sketches. I had the size problem again & the shapes suffered from it. They are longer in reality & there isn't a curve in sight. I like the pen only sketch  best & that is a 1st! A pleasant OOPS happened in that I WC'd the pen only & not the pencil/pen.  It adds something that helps the form look better. The pencil/pen sketch , not my fav. 

14 Day challenge - image 2 - student project


I am exhausted tonight! I went to the grocery store....and discovered there was almost no groceries to be had!  I hope all my classmates have gotten enough food & TP! My son made a second trip to the grocery & brought home what I couldn't find... We'll be ok for awhile. Please all of you ... stay home & create more art!

3 days in a row I've liked both sketches!  I would say this is mega progress for me! Got to work in line variation...and size. 

14 Day challenge - image 3 - student project


Can't figure out the magic here. 2 days in a row that I have liked BOTH sketches, Sure there are parts that I'm not happy with...I know I'm more relaxed when I start my pen only sketch. Why? Is it because I'm drawing smaller...or maybe I know the next sketch will be done with a technique I am  familiar with? At any rate, I've had progress 2 days in a row!

14 Day challenge - image 4 - student project


I have calmed down quite a bit now & realized why I liked day 1 & 2 better than day 9.....those 1st days, I pencil sketched then penned it! On to today...I decided to do pen only for the 1st sketch, then do my usual pencil,pen, wc. The thought being at least I would like one! Surprise! surprise! I liked them both! I had fun! Am planning on doing the same tomorrow.

14 Day challenge - image 5 - student project


Thoughts: looking at these sketches as someone else, I would think that the artist really needs help with drawing, on the pen only sketch. But since I am that artist & I do know how to draw, I can't help but feel totally frustrated. Do you want to know something? I like day 1 and day 2 pen only sketches better that I like day 9! I won't give up trying though because I want to feel comfortable enough in using pen only to go out and do some urban sketching.

1. I decided to do the pen only 1st...then go back to my usual way of sketching and compare the 2. No contest to which one I really liked! 14 Day challenge - image 6 - student project


Day 8

Night/Day  -  complete opposite - yesterday/today.......Outside of using pen only....Today I did the opposite  (not intentionally though)  of what I said I was going to do. !st, I used the brush pen & not thinking, I set the timer at 3 mins. At least I chose a simpler subject. I even took my time and tried not to tense up. And I was really pleasantly surprised with the result!  I scaled down the 2nd sketch.  My favorite part was the lower left corner of the top shape....the part where there is the broken line. I really don't like the sameness of the thickness of the lines. I must admit to really liking the progress today!14 Day challenge - image 7 - student project





Day 7

My main purpose in taking this class was to get back to sketching,,,then I decided to concentrate on using pen only. Before this sketch I made a personal decision, which was since I don't handle short sketching times without stress I wasn't making much progress. My new process is going to be longer sketching times until I feel the quality of my sketches improve quite a bit. I can already see a difference in the sketches. I did discover that the brush pen is not my friend yet. But the M Pitt pen I'm liking!

14 Day challenge - image 8 - student project



Day 6

2 steps forward yesterday...1 step back today.  I was so excited  for today because of the success I had yesterday. Well. I must admit to 2 false starts today. Right off the bat I tried to sketch a bowl & the mouth looked like an egg. Un-recoverable! Then I tried sketching a 3-D paper folded star...that one looked like a pile of scribbles! So I settled on a toothbrush & told myself "No matter what!" Better, but on the top toothbrush, I did have the same problem but I could recover....

14 Day challenge - image 9 - student project


Day 5

Pen only, 3 min/3min .....I was not stressed at all and wasn't thinking about using a pen...just sketching. I was really surprised that I completed each sketch within the 3 mins. I did remember to turn off the voice of the timer though. This is the 1st pen only sketch that I liked. Parts of which need help!14 Day challenge - image 10 - student project



Day 4

I decided to do pen only again and to put the 6 full minutes on the timer. Time limitation really makes me tense, especially short ones. Last lesson I was so tight & tried to be fast...not happy! I was much more relaxed in starting this sketch. Took my time to draw single lines with no faffing. The results look totally flat. Believe it or not, the drawing is not a flower but the top of a stuffed pin cushion. I have to be more fluid with my strokes minimizing faffing. I still like faffing though! I also realized that I haven't taken a break before I write the critique...next time.

14 Day challenge - image 11 - student project


Day 3

Feel the fear & do it anyway. The first sketch was done with a .05 micron...no pencil. By the third stroke, I knew I hated it. So I switched to a faffier stroke & liked it much better. But I did the 2nd sketch with pencil for 3 mins. then the pen for 3 mins.  Don't think I liked the way it turned out much better. Conclusion: For a pen only sketch I like the faffy lines. Pencil-pen sketch I like the pencil faffier so I can refine my lines easier. All my sketches done this way....do have a much more single line content. 

14 Day challenge - image 12 - student project


Day 2 - I still am using the pencil then pen technique. I did learn what my pencil sketching is called from watching the class video... faffing! It really will be a struggle for me to stop using that technique. (I don't know if I could give it up completely though.  I was so into starting this workshop after the 1st lesson, I could have kept going & finished a whole bunch of lessons. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I told myself that one of the purposes of this class is to develop a daily art practice, NOT a binge art practice! I'm not totally happy with the result because the proportion is not correct... But I did learn that I have to concentrate on the whole piece while I sketch, not just the part I'm working on.

14 Day challenge - image 13 - student project


 Day 1 - I chose to sketch a pin cushion. I decided to use my normal sketching procedure which is "organically"  3H pencil sketching (3 mins),then using a Pitt pen to draw the 2nd 3 mins. In my everyday sketch book, after I draw with the Pitt pen, I will erase all the pencil lines and use water color pencils or regular wc's to add my color.

14 Day challenge - image 14 - student project