14 Day Mindset Challenge

14 Day Mindset Challenge - student project

14 Day Mindset Challenge - image 1 - student project

When I watched this skillshare class it sounded interesting so I thought I’d give it a try.

I like to set some sort of goal for challenges so that when the art sucks (and I know some of it will), I’m still working towards that goal and am less likely to give up.

I decided to use a fountain pen that I don’t much like using (which makes me sad as it was a gift) working straight to paper without pencil lines first.

So I’m drawing in ink with out the aid of a safety net eeep!

Mostly I drew the orchid on the kitchen window sill with occasional birds when my squirrel mind diverted itself.

Day 1 – top left. A basic orchid outline, didn’t put in the veins, I was more concerned with the shapes and having no pencil line to follow. It’s a start.

Day 2 – top right. Did a slightly better job, managed some veins this time. It’s a slightly better drawing.

Day 3 – Mrs Blackbird. I had some photos of a lady blackbird and couldn’t resist drawing her, lots. Six 3 minute sketches, not beautifully formed but loads of fun to do, 11/10 fun value

14 Day Mindset Challenge - image 2 - student project

Day 4 – 2 stems top right. Back to orchids. Trying to work out shading and added thicker lines to see if it would work. Meh not really but it was worth a try. It’s not a bad drawing though so progress.

Day 5 – top right, still trying to work out shading, it is a little better maybe.

Day 6 – parrot. This is from another photo I’d taken. The shadows on the feathers were quite strong and I thought it would help with shading in general. I also had a huge amount of fun drawing it another 11/10

14 Day Mindset Challenge - image 3 - student project

Day 7 8 and 9 – one 3 min and one 6 min drawing for each of these three days, the shading was starting to work, I found it quite meditative drawing these, just standing making lots of little lines, very calming.

Day 10 and 11 I looked back at the class and think I’m doing it all wrong. Obviously I wasn’t paying attention! I didn’t go around picking random items to draw, wasn’t really analysing daily, I just wanted to draw my orchid as the flowers opened.

 My inner mean person took over, threw all my toys out of the pram and decided I don’t like analyzing stuff and there was no point carrying on. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy.

14 Day Mindset Challenge - image 4 - student project

Day 12 – top left corner. I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I realised I had all these drawings I wouldn’t have done otherwise and got back on the horse. The drawing isn’t brilliant because I still wasn’t feeling it but it was A drawing so I give myself a pass.

Day 13 – a 3 min and 6 min drawing. Back to enjoying myself and I think the shading is working

Day 14 – a 3 min and 6 min drawing.  Two little orchid drawings and I’m done whoot!


My confidence is pretty level whenever I do any art at maybe a 5/10, if I like it cool, if not, it sucks and I move on, as long as it mostly resembles the thing I’m drawing I’m happy so no need to add it in the analysis.

I did it (mostly) there was a bit of a wobble but that happens. I have 12 days of drawings and if I look back at the first one I can see some improvement which makes me very happy indeed.

Also I got to document my little plant flowering as each day the flowers opened one by one.


I’m glad this was a 14 day challenge, that’s usually about the time I start to get burnt out on the monthly ones like inktober and world watercolour month (the only challenges I do normally)

I know it doesn’t read like I enjoyed this challenge but it was actually a lot of fun, sometimes I get in my own way but it doesn’t last long, I just need to take a break and rearrange my thoughts and off I go again.

Thanks Ohn Mar for the class, every time I do a challenge I learn as much about myself as I do the arting so it’s always interesting.