14 Day Journaling Exercise

14 Day Journaling Exercise - student project

I'm excited to draw over the next two weeks :) I wanted to do this via traditional art supplies but am using Procreate on my iPad Pro. I wanted to use non-precious materials and a medium where I didn't have to go out to purchase new things. God know how many random markers and pens and papers I have, but Procreate lets me get things done quicker. Plus, I got a ton of new procreate brushes that mimicked my favorite COPIC and Micron markers so I'll be using those through out the entire project to make it a bit more authentic. 



Day One // Currently Listening To: 

I love this album from 2004. When I lived in Los Angeles, the bassist was actually my next door neighbor (He was a rad dude). This album always gets me hyped. If you're into something you'd hear during a chase scene/action montage or something you'd hear on a derelict biker bar jukebox, these guys are your jam.

14 Day Journaling Exercise - image 1 - student project



Apparently the Butter Rose is also named the Julia Child due to her love of butter and french cooking. Very appropriate. It's a super durable and weather hardy rose too... Smells like licorice as well? Might have to see if I can find them somewhere myself. 

14 Day Journaling Exercise - image 2 - student project



I chose not to use traditional mediums and am using strictly digital for this, including any sketching processes. Idea for me is to get stuff down and this is the quickest way. Although I think for future projects, getting off a screen will help my eye balls a little more. I'm probably going to just use the below here on out, mainly because I did the other two with a lot of different "mediums" and I felt like it started to get messy. I really love outlines and microns are the pens of the gods IMHO so I'll be using those to outline my sketches and copic markers to sketch.  

14 Day Journaling Exercise - image 3 - student project

N Koss
Art Director/Photog/Illustrator