14 Day Daily Practice

14 Day Daily Practice - student project

14 Day Daily Practice - image 1 - student project

I realized that I get to decide everyday or every minute or hour what it is I want to be, do or feel. It makes me feel great!

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This is a prompt that I had to sleep on - I had a very negative day at work yesterday which I was able to verbalize to some of my coworkers. These are the things I need to do to make my work days better for myself. Remind me that I don't have to take care of others, just me.

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Just in case anyone was wondering - those are fireworks, not fall trees

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This was a struggle for me - I have worked hard over the years to change how I speak as it often didn't mirror the positivity I felt, so I knew I didn't want to change back. What I realized I've been doing, especially lately, is stuffing my feelings of grief, sadness, fear of needing to move on (business wise and not being able to and it caught up with me. Just saying that I have to allow my feelings is letting me reframe it so that I can do the things I need to do such as my daily walk to help alleviate the mild depression.

14 Day Daily Practice - image 5 - student project14 Day Daily Practice - image 6 - student project

This one was easy - my best friend actually said this to me two weeks ago -she often says this to me and it really helps

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My husband always made me laugh (he died suddenly 8 years ago this week) It is a lesson I take to heart especially in this crazy year - I also lost my mom to COVID this summer. I have a friend who's always sending me the strings of silly sayings and yesterday I laughed out loud to almost every one. If you can take a negative and find the humor, it makes your whole being smile.

14 Day Daily Practice - image 8 - student projectExactly!

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This is my mantra for this week - I knew it halfway through the day. We have had one of those weeks at work (a large  5-star resort on the coast and we are a retail/food outlet) with long days and short-handed. One young co-worker looked at me and asked how I was not tired. I said I was but I had to come to work with the attitude that I and we were going to get through the day. 

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I guess you could say that this is the experience I allowed myself - to doodle and play with words - I couldn't nail down one thought, so I added some color this morning to give it some pop

14 Day Daily Practice - image 11 - student project

This is Day 4 which I actually worked on for 2 days - I had been struggling with my unkind words which are usually directed at the factually-challenged. In discussing with my son, I realized there wasn't much I could do but reframe my own "take" on things, hence the negative-free zone

14 Day Daily Practice - image 12 - student project

These are the sketches I did for Day 3 - Respond to Your Day - It had been a long day and I started off with a headache and not ready to go in. It was a cloudy day and the sun started coming out. I had climbed into bed and started doodling. I will be creating something with the sun cloud sketch, don't know if I will add words.14 Day Daily Practice - image 13 - student project

I messed up - yesterday I added Day 2 and must have forgotten to hit published and I forgot to add the progression to the word release Letting Go>Relinquish>Release during my Zoom Yin Yoga class. The next words out of my teacher's mouth were "Release your muscles"  

14 Day Daily Practice - image 14 - student projectIt was hard to put a name to my feeling. I got called in to work on my day off and I had had great plans for the day. But, I did get something done, nonetheless.