14 Day Challenge

14 Day Challenge - student project

Day 4: Shake it up

This was my fast energetic art today, really just making lines and turning them into cactuses haha. Why are the sun & clouds cactuses? IDK
14 Day Challenge - image 1 - student project
Day 3: Feeeeeelin slow

Both frustrating and relaxing today! Actually started out with diff colours and it morphed from there? Also didn’t have a clear vision in my head so this is just what came out haha

14 Day Challenge - image 2 - student project14 Day Challenge - image 3 - student project14 Day Challenge - image 4 - student projectDay 2:

when you realize Becky only invited you to light the candles...


LOL — unrelated but slightly related, I made a creative instagram if you wanna say hi or be friends! @copperandcoast