14 Day Challenge

14 Day Challenge - student project

I love seeing pictures of the objects you all chose to draw. It says a lot about each person's personality :)

Just getting started today! I wanted to go ahead and create my project on here now and will update as I go, if I can. These are the objects I've chosen. I think there are 15 or 16 because I couldn't make up my mind, so I'll go a little longer than 14 days :)



14 Day Challenge - image 1 - student project

Today went differently than I had been expecting. While I had been watching the videos in the class, I was doing some of these sketches for fun before heading into the "official" challenge where I'd time myself, take a break, and add notes to my drawings. I was having a lot of fun with those sketches, but I found myself worrying more today about whether my sketches would come out well and whether I should try for any specific type of style. 

Tomorrow I'll be sure to remind myself this is only an exercise for growth, and the work doesn't need to be perfect to learn from it.


UPDATE: Days 2-3


14 Day Challenge - image 2 - student project

Day 2: Not super excited about this one. I think the first sketch on the left is ok, but I was nervous and didn't look closely enough at proportions. I probably took too long on the flower details, so I had to rush through the second sketch on the left. I think I just got too flustered today and need to be more calm.


14 Day Challenge - image 3 - student project

Day 3: I tried going a bit of a different direction today. Instead of drawing two or three sketches quickly, I took the entire six minutes on a single sketch. I had a lot of fun with it and it makes me want to draw more. I'd like to spend more time painting glass objects and really getting into detail with them.


UPDATE: Days 4-7


Day 4

14 Day Challenge - image 4 - student projectI enjoyed the first sketch on the left, but not the other two. I've found I don't enjoy rushing just for the sake of getting one or two more drawings in. I didn't pay much attention to perspective or proportions in the second two drawings because I was just trying to get them done before my timer went off, and I really didn't enjoy doing them.


Day 5

14 Day Challenge - image 5 - student projectI realized this day that I really need to be sure to do these sketches earlier in the day, before I get too tired. If I wait too long, I just find myself picking out the simplest object from my list to draw so I don't have to think too much. This one was ok to draw, but if I do these earlier in the day I'll enjoy them a lot more.


Day 6

14 Day Challenge - image 6 - student projectConfession: technically, I skipped day 6. It got to be so late and I was so tired that I knew I'd just rush this and not put much effort in. So I listened to my own advice from yesterday and just skipped that day. Instead I did this and day 7's sketch the next day, before I got too sleepy, and really enjoyed both! I'm drawing with colored pencil today and really enjoyed it. I thought the little pattern in the middle of this tile would be difficult to draw, but since I slowed down to take my time with a single sketch (instead of two or three), and because I wasn't too tired, I was able to calmly observe and come out with a sketch I enjoyed and learned from! I think this project is a success so far because of what I'm learning about my own work and learning habits--take my time and do the work before I get super sleepy! :)


Day 7

14 Day Challenge - image 7 - student projectWorked in colored pencil on this one too, and it was so much fun! Loved drawing all the little folds in the fabric. I want to draw more things like this.