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I wanted to start this project as soon as possible, so as safe as it sounds I took a few pictures while driving and hopefully I captured a few good ones in the process. I'm still not thrilled with the original photo, but for the first time trying this I thought I could make something out of it. 

Then I started to overlay them and flip them around and decided on something I thought looked kind of cool.

After correcting the levels/curves etc I wanted to add the lens flare to the big light posts 

Then I added some color balance in the way I thought would bring out a nice contrast to the sunset.

I thought the middle was a little too dark so I took the selection and brought it back to its original form.

Then I went back and duplicated the sky and multiplied it to make it even darker.

Again I wanted to keep the colors, but still have the middle lightened so I went back and used a low vivid light.

Then I went back and added a cloud layer and used screen on a low opacity to lighten it up just a little.

As soon as I was happy with that I opened it up in VSCOcam and added the M4 filter just to add a little touch.


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