125 to Kip

Jan 20 update:

I haven't weighed myself today, but on 1/18 I weighed 127.8# so decided to try some kipping pullups after Crossfit that morning. I got 'em! I was only able to do one at a time, but I did 5 or 6 with rests in between. Now I'm hoping that getting down to 125# and working on my form more will let me string some together!


I'm in the process of losing 11# in the hopes that once I reach about 125# I'll be able to do kipping pull-ups (and maybe strict) without a resistance band. I started about 5 weeks ago and have lost a little over 5# as of today, so I'm right on track. Obviously there will be some muscle loss, but I'm trying to minimize that by lifting and eating a lot of plant-based protein.

My plan is simple: Crossfit 4-6 days a week, plus running, yoga, or hiking the other days; eat 1700-1900 calories a day. I track all my workouts and will be weighing in once or twice a week and keeping an eye on how my pants fit.

This will be me:


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