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1221 Putney Graduates' College Applications

The more personal the data is, the more interesting the visualization is.

Once I've visualized the meteorite data, I wanted to do something more personal. My college counselor handed me 5 years worth of college applications data.

The data includes GPA, College application,  standardized test scores, and etc. It was more data than I needed, so simplifying it down to what I really wanted to communicate was crucial. One of the biggest problem working with this data was that there were no longitude and latitude coordinates, so I have to find a way to convert "College Names" into coordinates. I found my way around this by using Geocoding, which is available through this website. Here is my final result for the data visualization of 5 years worth of college applications of The Putney School:


They Putney school is located in Vermont, USA. Putney graduates still tend to apply within the New England region.


This is a global map. As you can see Putney graduates tend to stay within the US, with a few exceptions. Over the past five years, all international applicants were accepted.


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