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12 oz. - student project

12 oz. - image 1 - student project12 oz. - image 2 - student projectThe name of the brand is Freight Yard or FR8 YRD for short. It represnts one of the most notorious places for graffiti art, where the canvas is usually the trains. I want to use letters that represent the name like, F, Y and so on.

Bio: So Im from Boston, Dorchester to be exact. Grew up in the city projects. I have two wonderful girls and my wife of almost 17 years. I've been working on my brand for about 12 years with different names and polishing my skills, etc. Never had the time or drive to really get it going with so many obsticles in my life dispite having a lot of encouragement from teachers, mentors and family. I've always enjoyed watching people wear interesting shirts and now fashion has gone to a whole new level with youth. Boston has been creeping up strong in the urban apparel scene and Im proud to be here in the forefront and also support many local brands especially my favorite Johnny Cupcakes.

This is sketch done with a graphic pen, of a spray can. The colors would be red nozzle, silver on the rims and white can. The middle emblem is gold or yellow. It would be centered on the shirt. On a white, black and maybe grey shirt. Not sure if Ill put drips on it. Im looking forward to hear your feedback as I progress through this endeavor. Thanks

I made some changes to the original design for a Johnny Cupcake design. I need to add some text elements that relate with street art but also a bakery.

Ive designed shirts for Antonio Ansaldi and AFH Boston as well as for my local church and my daughters' school. More artwork at my online profiles below.



12 oz. - image 3 - student project

Andy Otero

FR8 YRD Freight Yard