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12 Chairs and a Friend by Sara Barr

Walking home from work late last night, I spontaneously made brunch plans with my friend Jason, who's leaving the country to fly home (to the other side of the globe!) in two days. Good intentions led to a disastrous morning, as waking up in my new windowless room in complete darkness at 10:30 am (half an hour before the planned brunch) quickly turned into a bruised shin and running into the door a few times out of exhausted confusion. One stressful hour later, I found myself recovering in the calm, easygoing atmosphere of 12 Chairs Williamsburg, on South 2nd and Wythe. This American-Israeli Restaurant is the trendier version of its parent restaurant in Soho, with a better interior design and a less watery shakshuka. Basically a gem- because the Soho spot is fantastic.

With light flooding in from the open wall to the east, and windows on the South, it was too perfect to not use for this class's project.  


This was my least favorite photo of the final four I edited and saved in my VSCO library. I did the same as Adam for all of my photos, editing first on Snapseed and then applying a final filter with VSCO Cam. I wish I had taken a picture from further away for this image, and the following as well. Not holding my iPhone horizontally when taking photos has caused a consistent issue with lines not being symmetrical. Other than that, I think this image is a little cold, and doesn't quite convey the warmth and easy going, early summer vibe coursing through the restaurant. This labneh was delicious, though! Also interesting to compare to strained yogurt.. the waitress wasn't sure where the difference between strained yogurt and labneh came from (only that it was more sour), but the internet has revealed that labneh is simply strained more intensely than normal strained yogurt. The texture is a bit firmer (more liquid has been removed) and the taste consequently more sour (the liquid whey contains all the sugars that would otherwise make it sweeter!) Jason didn't like it but I was halfway to asking if they'd slip me a tub of it for a twenty. (lol)


This picture was probably my favorite. I think that the colors and warmth came out perfectly, and even though the lines weren't as even, it wasn't distracting. The food is absolutely the focus of the shot, and other elements don't attempt to demand more attention. Shakshooka with feta in a cast iron skillet, chopped Israeli salad, in-progress-labneh, and part of Jason's salmon sandwich with salad. 


With this picture I really wanted to focus on the colors of the shakshuka. I edited the background to be a bit darker, and increased the saturation of the shakshuka slightly to make the colors pop a little more. I also edited the shadows to be a tiny bit stronger. I liked this photo a lot because it's success was really in the combination of a lot of small edits.


And finally, coffee! 90% sure it was cold brew, though I didn't think to ask in my frantic, uncaffeinated state. It could've been just iced coffee, but either way was really good. The floor and chair were both nice, so I took advantage of being able to use them as a backdrop for the coffee photo. With the color and pattern, though, this image becomes less about the coffee. Which isn't bad. The symmetry is off again, though, and there's something about this image that keeps me from being satisfied with it. I can't figure it out either, so criticisms here would be appreciated!

All in all, this project was a lot of fun. Would like to have been able to focus more on the interior design / architectural elements, but that can be saved for another day, another class! 


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