1:1 Fund: Investing in Education

1:1 Fund: Investing in Education - student project

The 1:1 Fund is an online community that promotes educational opportunity for low-income students. We connect low-income students with individual donors who match these students’ savings dollar for dollar in qualified child savings accounts (CSAs). the 1:1 Fund helps kids save for higher ed, and students with savings accounts in their own name are 6 times more likely to attend college.

Right now, we have 3 local child savings program partners, in the SF Bay Area and in and near Jackson, MS, with 8500+ child savers.

Check out the image below to see how the 1:1 Fund works, and our website here for more details. Looking forward to your feedback!

User Acquisition Strategy - Explicit Invites
After watching the first video and reading through some course materials, I thought that the best strategy to test would be 'explicit invites'. The key asks will be on 'Joining our email list' and 'Donating', which is basically the equivalent of acquiring a new user for us.

1:1 Fund: Investing in Education - image 1 - student project

Michael Chasnow

Operations Manager at 1:1 Fund