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11 Classes and Counting!

Update #12: My tenth and eleventh class!

I can't believe that I've created 11 classes now. Wow. Here are the two most recent additions :)


Level Up Your Characters



Teach Yourself To Draw Anything


Update #11: Number Nine ;)

My ninth class is finished and it's my biggest yet. It's great to see how far I've come since beginning this project.




Update #10: Another!!!

Every time I come back here to update this project I get all giddy. Eight classes now! The past year has been so awesome teaching on Skillshare and I never would've thought I'd get up to this many classes. But I don't intend on slowing down! Enjoy all :)




Update #9: Class number 7 has arrived!

What, what?! That's right, my seventh class is live! This must have been the most time I have spent in researching a class topic and I'm very happy with how it turned out. I've come a long way this year and it's really cool to see it all chronicled here in this project. Enjoy!




Update #8: Fall Publishing Challenge

I have decided to take on the Fall publishing challenge! Especially with my September class already published ;) Here is my plan.


Update #7: Super stoked to have launched my sixth class!

This class took a bit more time than the rest but I think it was worth it. I polled my current students to find out what they would like to learn and it seemed that a class on Isometric design was in high demand. Well, it's here :)




Update #6: Class #5 is up!!

With each class I make I learn so much about what it takes to make a great class. I'm very excited to publish my 5th class—which I believe to be my best! The class is about levelling up your ability with colour in Adobe Illustrator. However, I totally levelled up my editing, filming and audio recording in it too ;)




Update #5: Two great things to share that all started with this project!

First of all, my fourth class is up and it's completely free for everyone! :D http://skl.sh/29Xef74


Second of all, I have an interview up with Skillshare themselves touting how great this class and the new teacher challenge are. You can check out the interview here.


UPDATE #4: Had excellent success with my second class! It's only natural that I keep them coming. Here is my third! :D http://skl.sh/27e4Yvz



UPDATE #3: I've made a second class; this time on using texture in Adobe Illustrator! Check it out here: http://skl.sh/1r6QAo9



UPDATE #2: THE CLASS IS LIVE — http://skl.sh/1pMrmvd



For my Skillshare class I've decided to take something that I not only love to make, but have already had people asking me how it's done—Weapons!

This will be a great project for people using Adobe Illustrator (or similar programs) to learn to work with lights and shadows through gradients and other effects. I will walk students through the process of sketching, building an object with basic shapes, adding colour to a black and white image and finishing with dynamic lighting.

Here are two examples that I have done:



Update #1

I've put together my class outline! It can be found here.

Update #2

Just in brushing up on my skills for this class, I made another weapon. Behold the King's Hammer!


Update #3

I've completed my Introduction video! It was kind of wierd at first filming the video but after a lot of attempts I finally started to feel somewhat comfortable. It was a new experience but one I am definitely happy to have done. Next up the rest of the class!

Introduction Video

Update #4

All my videos are filmed and edited! I'm just going to take some time to review everything, do any final changes and create thumbnails for all my videos. Very excited though :) Here is the weapon that I created during the class:



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