Nasaya Mafaridik

avid doodler and illustrator



#100ootddrawings - @nasayamafaridik

As an avid doodler and illustrator of children's book, I must have a skill to draw people. I have to admit drawing portrait is my biggest challenge so far so I want this 100 days project to focus on improving my skill on this.

But as you said that it is the consistency that counts, I have to set some constraints for me. Since I travel a lot, I have to do everything on my ipad eventho at the beginning, I want to do this with some traditional art tools.

I only want to do some sketches to, not a finished illustration since I have to juggle between client work and everything else.


I really want to say thank you for this class. I learned a lot and so happy that I finally found a method that hopefully will make me finish this project successfully.


I was so confused to choose a sustainable project but because of your chart, I can finally decide on something. Yay! And this is gonna be my announcement poster on instagram :


 (p.s. edited the hashtag because the previous one has already taken! haha silly me)


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