#100daysoflettering is out! | Skillshare Projects

Caroline Fidelaire

French illustrator & watercolour artist



#100daysoflettering is out!

Hi, thanks for the motivating class, I will definitely use this to revisit some inspiration for the moody / demotivated days! I loved the chart you presented in your class.

Here is a pic of my day 1 of #100daysoflettering, feel free to follow me on instagram to see how the journey goes... looking forward to see the learning curve!

Based on previous experience with 30 days projects, I already know once I hit day 13 it will become difficult... Did you ever have tips to share on what to do during those days? I was thinking to share books or sites of what I will do research on during that kind of days. It feels a tad like cheating but I'm curious to hear your feedback. Feel free to share in the comments ;) 


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