#100daysofEasterEggs - student project

I used to love to seek for hidden chocolate eggs when I was a kid. And thinking of that, I’ve decided my #the100dayproject theme: #100daysofEasterEggs! But instead of searching for eggs, I’ll hide a little eye on every post. Why, you ask? Because I’m kind of addicted with eyes (even my account name has “eyes” on it. Olhar means to look, in Portuguese).


Here is my first post. I hope I'll have fun with it! If you want to follow along, here is my Insta account: https://www.instagram.com/olhardealice/


#100daysofEasterEggs - image 1 - student project


Thank you for the great class! Really helpful and inspiring!




Alice Mena Barreto
Lettering artist in the spare time