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JJ Anthony

Self Taught Storyteller



#100DaysofSkillShareProjects - Day 75

He gave me a rose

to remember him by.

A kiss on the cheek 

before he said goodbye. 

This was the beginning of a poem that I wrote a couple of weeks ago. It was a story about two best friends that everyone wanted them to date. Since they hated being told what to do they ignored everyone and continued to be best friends, nothing more.

Each night a pedal

fell to the ground.

I tried to my best to repaint it red

but it just browned.  

Then they went off to college and started dating other people. But that lingering question still remained, what would have happened it they took their friendship to the next level?

East coast for you,

West coast for me.

both of us wanting and craving

to be carefree. 

I put them under the category of lost love because who knows what they could have been? Could they have been soulmates if they just given love a change. But they made their decisions and married other people.

Can you have have more than one soul mate in this lifetime? Or is soul mates even a real thing? 

With every new day,

we went back in time. 

Friendship is our destiny

highlighted in this rhyme. 



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