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#100DaysofSkillShareProjects - Day 20

I really learned a lot in this short bite sized class. I'm always trying different was to improve my productivity and getting the most out of my day. 

In the past I would make a daily accountability schedule. (This was what August looked like.)



This is a close up example of what I would write. Writing out a list of what I want to accomplish each day is great but I need have a weekly schedule. This class showed how important it is to actually see what your week looks like. 





















Since my daily/weekly schedule relies heavily on how long it takes me do an illustration, I've been timing myself. Now I know how much time I should block out to do a drawing. 


























A Blackn'WhiteDrawing takes me around 2 hours:























A #DailyDigitalDrawing (headshot) takes around 3 hours:





















A Yellow Mellow Monday drawing also takes around 3 hours:
























Now that I know how much time it takes me (on average), I can make my first weekly schedule on Google Calendar. (This schedule starts next week, Oct. 23rd to Oct. 27th.) I scheduled time not only for my illustrations but also for the 100 day project I am currently working on. 




The app HabitBull looked interesting so I'm going to try that out.























Also, on an unrelated note, I noticed that Mr. Karnjanaprakorn scheduled time to meditate. My favorite app for meditation is an app called Calm.























In conclusion, this was a great class and I'm going to use everything to increase my productivity. Having a weekly schedule will really help me. I don't know why I didn't do this before.

*thumbs up*   


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