#100DaysofSkillShareProjects - Day 2

#100DaysofSkillShareProjects - Day 2 - student project

#100DaysofSkillShareProjects :

 I learned so much and had a blast after completing Elle Luna's 100 Day Project earlier this year. The prior project was 100 Faces in 100 Days (#jj100facesin100days on Instagram), where I used a reference to draw a face of someone everyday. It was an experience that helped me grow, get me out of my comfort zone and get a little better. I want to try the process again with SkillShare.

During the 100 days I'm going to take classes in subjects where I'm comfortable (like drawing/watercolors) and more where I start the class knowing very little (basically anything else). As an apprentice artist and storyteller, it's awesome to be able to watch and learn from experts in their respective fields. 

My goal after these 100 days (give or take) is to be another notch more comfortable in my abilities. Also, having fun with the class projects! This is just another step in the road as an artist. 

Thanks for reading. 


My 6 photos after editing them:

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JJ Anthony
Self Taught Storyteller