#100DaysWithAnam - student project

My project is kind of two projects but they are both interlinked.

I'm a playwright and also an acting and playwrighting teacher and theatre director who teaches in university, directs freelance, and for 10 years I ran my own business. This meant I spent loads of time nurturing other people's creativity - and I had no time to write the play I dreamed of writing, which was really starting to get me down.

Last year I decided to close down the acting school I ran, and switch it over to something more meaningful for me - which to focus primarily on making my own work with my theatre company, and then teach courses from the deeper ethos of my own work, rather than running commercial courses for beginners.

I've been suffering from a lot of burnout, so I really dragged on getting the website done, or even thinking about the business, but with the free time that comes with lockdown, that's finally happening. We were due to start new courses this term, but Covid has put paid to that. I'm just about finished up teaching in university and the play that I was directing was cancelled - so I now have time to finally write my play.

However, I will need to make a living when this is over too, and I really want to establish the ethos of the new classes being more focused on people's creative journey, and build awareness of what we are about.

So I am going to do 100 Days of videos with creative prompts, to help people stay plugged in to creating theatre while they are in lockdown and this will happen on the social media for my company. And at the same time, on my personal page, I will DO the creative prompts that I set, in order to work on my own play - Finding Galahad.

I'm going to write for a minimum of 30 minutes every morning after my yoga practice, and I will post my progress to instagram in the form of a reflection, or an excerpt of what I have written, or an inspiring quote - depending on what I am doing - with a picture that amplifies that.

The creative prompts, I will do in batches a couple of times a week and schedule them across platforms for once a day.