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10,000 Applicants 100 Positions You Will be #1

I want to create a tangible asset for all persons considering a career in law enforcement that is a must have guide/mentor E-book and reference web site pre application that develops into a career must have for the life of their career. 

I believe that a career in law enforcement is like no other where officers are protectors, mentors, mediators, counsellors, friends and to some foes, whilst having to perform their duties with the utmost professionalism both on and off duty impartially and without fear or favor.

Overall  as a thought leader I want to generate confidence in all prospective law enforcement applicants without making them over confident. Therefore, allowing them to feel relaxed whilst having a belief in themselves with regards to the pre entrance tests, upcoming fitness evaluations panel interviews and psych evaluations.

By empowering each potential applicant and guiding them through the rigourous application processes I want to then ensure that they become career life partners of Future Cops Online (FCOL) and FCOL be front of mind when they are challenged in their day to day career.

From this trusting relationship I will have 'life long' professional relationships that are nurtured through each stage of the individuals career and this in turn will lead to a strong referral network that the relationship can be replicated.

I want to relay this message via a positive and powerful 'Slideshare' presentation and video that incorporates a 'can do' attitude theme that has every applicant wanting FCOL to be a part of their career path.

Please feel free to share my link below, I hope you enjoy the 'trailer'. 

Future Cops E-Book Promo Trailer for April 2013 launch


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